Borehole water drilling Kenya steps

 Boreholes Drilling Kenya steps.

Water is becoming scarce and scarce in Kenya as our population grow. The amount of rainfall is also reducing due to global warming. The best way to get reliable water is by drilling your own borehole. In Kenya borehole drilling companies are many and one factor to consider is first quality and professional service. There are also many companies which are bogus and you might end up loosing your money. Borehole drilling is a complicated process and involve alot of money. So finding a good company is very important. One company which I would personally recomend is a company called Borehole Masters. They are located in Kikuyu town, 20 mins drive from Nairobi Central Business District. They Offer quality and professional services. Before settling on a company, It is advisable to do check if the company have been legally allowed to engage in boreholes drilling business. Always check there business licenses and make sure they have a known physical location. 

Let me highlight the steps involved in boreholes drilling in Kenya.

1. Step 1. Visit the proposed site of the borehole.(1 Day)

The very first thing that needs to be determined is where the water is, and how we’re going to get to it. That’s why we employ hydro-geologists who make use of a variety of borehole drilling methods to assess the geophysical properties of the underlying area. These are the guys that help us ensure we’re not drilling into natural hazards or man-made infrastructure (pipelines, cables, phone lines, etc).

2. Step 2. Drilling and Construction (App 3-4 Days)

Once the hydro-geologists have helped us prep a path for borehole drilling, we follow through and construct the borehole. It’s not as easy as Moses and the rock, unfortunately, and, contrary to popular belief, an endless supply of water won’t just surge to the surface following the drilling of the borehole; there are still steps to follow and processes to be completed. Once the borehole has been drilled the necessary unstable lengths of the borehole are steel cased in an effort to reinforce the ‘tube’.

3. Step 3. Determining the yield of the borehole and Sinking the Pump

In order to most accurately gauge the yield of a domestic water borehole an aquifer test is performed. This involves installing a test pump and pumping borehole water for a fixed set of variables; a given time at a given rate, and then assessing the test’s impact on the water level in the borehole. Maximum yield is achieved by increasing the abstraction rate, ensuring optimum drawdown of water in the borehole.

In a week time you will have water flowing in a tap.

Regards Antony- Software's Engineer.


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